What is UiPath Orchestrator?

UiPath Orchestrator is a tool where we can have deployed processes/robots information such as process schedule details, log files. We can easily manage & monitor the robots. We can set the environments. We can create assets using the orchestrator. It is a cloud-based application.

What is the environment in UiPath Orchestrator?

Environment is basically created to differentiate the process. We can have multiple environments as per our requirements such as Testing / Production / Stage etc. To create the environment we can click on the Robot tab under monitoring robot section and click on the environment to create/view the environments which can be allocated to robots.

What is Job in UiPath Orchestrator?

Basically Job section builds to run or kill the process when asked by the business. Apart from triggering the robots if we have a need to run the process or kill the running process we can use the Job section. By clicking on the Job section we can run the process by clicking on “+” sign and selecting the required process to run. We can have the details of the job such as “Successful” / “Faulted” to check the status of the robot run.

What do you mean by Triggering in UiPath Orchestrator?

The triggering section is built to schedule the deployed process. We can schedule the deployed processes using this section. By clicking on that we can select the process which we want to trigger for a particular date and time by configuring the details such as on which robot we are going to trigger such process. We can also a checklist schedule processes in this section along with the run status at what time it will begin. We can also use the Queue in this section.

What is Asset in UiPath Orchestrator?

An asset in UiPath Orchestrator is nothing but storing a global value or credentials which robot can pick at run time. To set the asset we can click on the asset section and add the variables or credentials as per process need. It only accept “Text / Number / Boolean Value “& “Credentials”.

What is a Task in UiPath Orchestrator?

A task is nothing but the work assigned for a particular user. We can check the status of the task such as pending or completed after assign those by the administrator.

What are logs in UiPath Orchestrator?

Basically logs in generated when the robot ran. It has the details for each and every process which is triggered the process through UiPath Orchestrator. Having information about the process stats such as failure or success along with date and time for the run. It can be very useful when we wanted to debug the process if having any issue. We can also export this log file in CSV format by clicking on the export button under logs.

What is the Queue in UiPath Orchestrator?

Basically it is some type of container included a transaction item that has to be processed by the robot. It is empty by default and we can add the queue items using UiPath studio activities.

What is attended robot in UiPath Orchestrator?

When automating end to end process is not possible means some human intervention or decision is required to complete the process such or any process which is manually run by the human such robots called as attended robots.

What is an unattended robot in UiPath Orchestrator?

When we automate end to end process and there is no human intervention is required / process is run through the UiPath Orchestrator such robots called as unattended robots.

How to manage the process in UiPath Orchestrator?

If there was any change in the code for the published process we can always choose the version which we want to be used by UiPath Orchestrator. For that, we can click on Processes and choose the version accordingly.

What are Machines in UiPath Orchestrator?

The machine is nothing but the computer on which we are going to run the process. To add or delete a machine we can click on the machine tab from UiPath Orchestrator and perform the operations. Please note every machine is having a unique machine key which is used by the UiPath Orchestrator at runtime. We just need to provide the machine name exactly as the particular machine is having. To check the machine name we can open the command prompt on a particular machine and type “Hostname” It will provide you the exact machine name.

What is the Package Section in UiPath Orchestrator?

The Package section consists of Nuget Packages. We can also upload our own created packages in UiPath Orchestrator using the package section.