Which activity can be used to automate Citrix automation?

We can use Computer vision activities to automate Citrix workflow.

What is the dynamic selector?

Dynamic selectors are nothing but the selector who has variable value provided such as when bot try to click on UI element it picks the dynamic value available in a particular variable.

What are Variable types available in UiPath?

  1. String
  2. Integer
  3. Boolean
  4. Object
  5. Double
  6. Float
  7. Array
  8. List

What are the Arguments in UiPath?

Arguments are useful when we want to pass the value from one .xaml file to another .xaml file. It will pass the value according to the direction provided.

What are the directions types in Arguments?

  1. In  – Receive the value from another file
  2. Out – Pass the value to another file
  3. In/Out – Receive and pass the value simultaneously

What is “For Each” activity in UiPath?

 For Each activity loops the iteration based on array or list and it will loop till iteration has last value inside.

What is “For Each Row” Activity?

For each row, activity loops the DataTable until all the iteration read through the bot row by row.