What are the leading RPA tools available in the market?

  1. Automation Anywhere
  2. Blue Prism
  3. UiPath
  4. NICE
  5. PEGA

What are the available recording types in UiPath?

  1. Basic Recording
  2. Desktop Recording
  3. Image Recording
  4. Citrix Recording
  5. Web Recording
  6. Computer Vision

What is Basic Recording in UiPath?

A basic recording is used when we record a session for a single activity. It doesn’t have a container and it’s slower than other recordings.

What is the difference between Basic & Desktop recording?

The basic recorder is useful for single activity whereas desktop recording is useful for more than one activity. The basic recorder doesn’t have a container however desktop recording is having a container. A basic recording is having a full selector and desktop recording having a partial selector.

What is the use of Message box activity?

Message box activity would be helpful if we want to display a message to the end-user.

What is the use of Log Message activity?

Log message activity is useful for when we want to log any message while bot run such as bot started bot end, particular activity started, etc. We can find these details on the output section of the UiPath studio after bot run.

What is the use of Assign Activity?

Assign activity is useful when we want to assign some values to a variable.

What is a sequence activity in UiPath?

A sequence is a set of child activities according to a single & defined order. We can have multiple activities in a sequence. It can be used for small projects.

What is the flowchart activity in UiPath?

A flowchart is useful when we want to automate complex projects. It is a model that uses a familiar flowchart paradigm. It can be used for complex projects.

What is the use of Write Line activity?

Write line activity writes a specified text in the output window and it accepts only string variable.