As we know UiPath has vison to update their environment on a monthly basis. UiPath just launched their new version of 2019.11.2 in beta. While updating the IDE they have updated some activities and launched some new activities onboard. Now we will have a brief look at those activities here.

Tooltip (Previous name as Callout in UiPath)

This is an activity where we can display a popup message on the indicated screen to aware of the end-user what bot is doing / or to warn the user that do not touch the screen. Previously it’s named as callout activity.

One more change they have done in this activity as we must need to provide the “Title” in the activity. Also, we need to mention the timer till how much time we need to show this popup. Please note if we didn’t provide the time popup will keep open and the robot will be stuck and couldn’t perform the next activity mentioned in the workflow unless you click on the Ok button. A better way we can set the time as mentioned below to run the workflow without user intervention.

Multiple Assign:

This is very well stepped by UiPath who launched this new activity which will help us to assign all the values to a variable or arguments in one go in one place. Previously we need to take Assign Activity for each variable which we need to allocate the value. This activity will reduce the developer’s effort seamlessly. We just need to drag and drop the “Multiple Assign” Activity and keep adding as many assigns we want in one go as mentioned below.

Callout (New):

This is a new activity launched by UiPath which displays a popup same as Tooltip but with rich format, contents using a pointer. We can add an activity inside this using our own created CSS.

Run Parallel Process:

This activity helps us to start an orchestrator process and we can also pass a parameter collection which is required to run the process as an input format.

Invoke Code:

This is the old activity however UiPath now supports the C# Language by using this activity that means we can write a custom C# code and can be able to run this through the UiPath Studio.

Invoke Process:

This is the new feature added by Uipath which will be helpful to create a custom regular expression by defining the value & quantifiers.

Hope this article helps you understand the new features and activities to deal with. Please feel free to comment below if you need further help from our end.

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