In this article, you are able to learn what the terminal activities are and how to get started. To get started with this we need to install UiPath.Terminal.Activities Nuget Package. After installing the package you may see the activities in Activity Panel as shown below.

The very first thing we need to perform is to connect the terminal session by creating a profile. For that, we need to Use “Terminal Session” Activity.

Terminal Session:

Simply drag and drop “Terminal Session” Activity from the activities panel. Select the Provider. We are having a couple of providers are available such as IBM, UNIX, Blue zone, etc. after selecting the provider we need to provide connection type. Either we can provide an existing profile or we can specify the same manually as shown in the image below.

Once we are connected to the terminal UiPath will open a terminal screen on their behalf from where we can get started automation.

Get Field:

Using this activity we can extract the text from a specified form. For that we need to provide “Labeled by, followed by & Index “for which we need to extract the data. We can also save the output value in the string which may use for further data processing.

Get Text:

Using this activity we can get the text for the entire terminal screen and output can be stored in a string. Please note that we don’t need to pass any parameters for this activity. The robot will grab the entire text depending on the current terminal screen where this activity is used.

Send control Key:

Using this activity we can send the control key to the robot as mentioned below.

Transmit – Nothing but the Enter key of the keyboard








You can get the list in the dropdown and can choose as per your requirement.

Set Field:

Using this activity we can set the text for the specified area by selecting “Labeled by, Index, followed by” and the Text value which we need to pass.

Wait Field Text:

Using this activity robot will wait till the specified time to appear the form area by selecting “Labeled by, Index, followed by” and the Text value for which we need to wait.

Wait Screen Text:

Using this activity robot will wait for the text to appear in the terminal screen until the specified amount of time.

Hope this article will help you onboard terminal activities. Please feel free to comment below.

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