RPA Process Selection

How should we select the process for automation?

Well it’s mandatory to have answers for following questions ready with you before start the automation journey.

  1. Is the process is highly repetitive?
  2. Is the process time consuming?
  3. Is the process error prone?
  4. More than one FTE (Full time employees) are working on the process?
  5. Is the process required human decision?
  6. Can process be changed within 6 months?

Highly Repetitive?

If your process is highly repetitive then your process can might be the RPA candidate.

Time Consuming?

If your process is time consuming / take more time to complete such as data entry of Invoice to ERP / SAP / Specific portal. Then we can consider this process as RPA candidate.

Error Prone?

If the process is error prone such as data entry operator mistakenly put wrong data in system which may affect the business then we can consider this process as RPA candidate.

More FTE (Full time employee)?

If your process required more than one FTE required then we can consider the process as RPA Candidate.

Required human decision?

If your process required human decision to complete the process then we can have barriers to automate the process fully. In that case you can go with partial automation. We will discuss what partial automation is in next article.

 Can Process changed?

If in future your process can be changed within 6 months or so then probably we cannot consider this as an RPA candidate. Because any process which we are going to automate has to be stable as we are going to invest in automation to reduce the human intervention and to get good ROI.

Hope this article will help you to finalize the approach.

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