Robotics Process Automation

Hi Friends in this article we are going to discuss what is RPA? Why RPA? How RPA?

What is RPA?

Basically in simple language Robotics process automation (RPA) is a software program which reduce the manual intervention from the task which are highly repetitive / time consuming. In short it mimics the human actions and increase the productivity.

RPA Is introduced in middle of 2014 however due to pricing structure and lack of documentation it won’t be stable and only 1% peoples are using that. By 2017 it came back with lot of progress and now most of the company’s in Finance / E-commerce / insurance sector widely using it.

Why RPA?

Many of us can think why should I need RPA?  The answer is as simple as the question.

To reduce the manual effort / to save time / to increase productivity / to avoid mistakes

Robot doesn’t eat / doesn’t sleep and never go for a tea/coffee.

For ex. On an average an employee in a company can work max 9 hrs a day including lunch break / bio break / refreshment break etc. If we calculate the productivity of an employee it will be 8hrs a day & 6 days a week. If we introduce RPA Over there it can work 24/7 365 days. Robot never ask for leaves / never goes for lunch.

How RPA?

Well by 2019 we have many RPA tools are easily available in the market most popular are as below

Blue Prism

Automation Anywhere





Inflectra Rapise

By using any of the above toll you can automate your process. Stay tuned for more articles.

Hope this worked if not please contact us and we will happy to help you out.