What is RPA?

Basically in simple language Robotics process automation (RPA) is a software program that reduces manual intervention from the task which is highly repetitive /time-consuming. In short, it mimics human actions and increases productivity.

How should we select the process for automation?

Well, it’s mandatory to have answers for the following questions ready with you before start the automation journey.

  1. Is the process is highly repetitive?
  2. Is the process time-consuming?
  3. Is the process error-prone?

UIPath Overview

Basically UiPath is an RPA IDE that helps us to automate our process to save time and get good ROI. If we have a highly repetitive task or time-consuming task we can automate the process using UiPath. UiPath is having many activities which may help us by just one drag and drop feature provided and let me know unless other RPA IDE available in the market UiPath doesn’t need any programming knowledge.

Trigger the bot using Cron Expressions

A cron expression is a string contains 6 to 7 substring which describes the details of the schedule. These fields, separated by white space, can contain any of the allowed values with various combinations as per our need.

AI Computer Vision Activities & Working Mechanism

AI Computer vision activities is a new feature launched by UiPath. Basically it is very useful when we want to automate any Citrix applications. The reason why UiPath launched this is previously when wanted to automate any Citrix application we are unable to found the Selector causing the failure of the workflow. Now in the AI Computer vision activity pack, we have everything that we need to automate Citrix application end to end. Here are the images showing available activities in Computer Vision for that we need to install UiPath.UiAutomation.Activities