UiPath Overview

Basically UiPath is an RPA IDE that helps us to automate our process to save time and get good ROI.

If we have highly repetitive tasks or time-consuming task we can automate the process using UiPath.

Uipath is having many activities which may help us by just one drag and drop feature provided and let me know unless other RPA IDE available in the market UiPath don’t need any programming knowledge.

UiPath Overview

UiPath platform consist of the following things:

UiPath Studio – To develop the robots

UiRobot – To connect the machine to Orchestrator

UiPath Orchestrator – To Schedule the jobs / to get the logs

UiPath Studio:

UiPath Studio is an IDE where we can go ahead and develop the robots as per our needs. We will have the activities over there such as excel automation/pdf automation/website automation etc.

Once we completed our development and tested the robot end to end we will have “Publish” Option over there so can bot will be available in UiPath Orchestrator.


UiRobot is some type of middle man between Uipath studio & Uipath orchestrator which helps us to establish a connection between both of them. We can find this in the right side of our device in the icon tray. We are also having the option to connect and disconnect the connection.

UiPath Orchestrator:

Well, Orchestrator is a big module and it’s well managed as well. Once we publish the bot from UiPath Studio particular process is available in orchestrator. We can schedule that bot as per our needs like at what time and what day we want to run it. We are also having the option to select the machine on which we need to run that particular robot. Apart from that, we can see the robot status/logs like how many times bot has run and if it was successful run or not by checking the status and details. We will discuss more orchestrators in the next article. Hope this helps you. Please feel free to post comments below.

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