How to setup UiPath Robot in Orchestrator

To begin setup UiRobot first we need to add the following things in Orchestrator.

  1. Environment
  2. Machine
  3. Robot

Add Environment in UiPath Orchestrator:

To add an environment login to Orchestrator using the provided URL & Credentials.

Please note if you are using UiPath Community edition URL will be

Once you login to the orchestrator click on service

Look for “ROBOTS” under the Management tab and click on it.

Click on Environments from the top menu bar.

Click on “+” Button.

Create Environment popup will be opened.

Provide the Name of the environment & Description and click on Create.

Add Machine in UiPath Orchestrator:

After adding the environment in UiPath Orchestrator second thing we need to add is a machine.

Look for “MACHINES” under the Management tab and click on it.

Click on “+” Button.

Select Standard Machine Option.

Provide the Machine name and description and click on Provision.

Please note Machine name should be exactly the same as mentioned in the configuration.

To know your machine name open command prompt.

Type hostname & click enter

The system will show the machine name.

We need to enter the same machine name in the configuration as shown below.

Add Robot in UiPath Orchestrator:

Look for “ROBOTS” under the Management tab and click on it.

Click on Robots from the top menu bar.

Click on “+” Button.

Select Standard Robot Option.

Create a new standard robot popup will be opened.

Select the Machine name which we have added in the last step.

Provide the name to the Robot.

Select the robot type such as attended / unattended / Production / studio / studio x

Now enter the username with domain & password for the machine which is selected

Click on create.

Connect the robot to Orchestrator:

To connect the robot to orchestrator which we have created in the last step we need to follow below steps:

Open the Uipath Robot application.

You can see the icon on the right side of the screen in-tray.

Click on Settings.

Enter the Orchestrator URL.

Then enter the machine key

Please note to get machine key click on machine name which we have created earlier

Comeback to UiPath Robot settings and paste the machine key.

Click on Connect.

All set. Now your robot is connected to UiPath Orchestrator and ready to use to deploy and trigger the processes.

Please feel free to comment if you need additional information.

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