AI Computer Vision Activities & Working Mechanism

AI Computer vision activities is a new feature launched by UiPath. Basically it is very useful when we want to automate any Citrix applications. The reason why UiPath launched this is previously when wanted to automate any Citrix application we are unable to found the Selector causing the failure of a workflow. Now in the AI Computer vision activity pack, we have everything that we need to automate Citrix application end to end. Here are the images showing available activities in Computer Vision for that we need to install UiPath.UiAutomation.Activities

CV Click:

 When we need to click on any link/button in Citrix “CV Click” Activity will be used.  By using this activity we will get “Descriptor” (Nothing but Citrix Selector). We can also set the “InputRegion” property which will override currently targeted elements or an anchor.

CV Element Exists:

If we want to search for some elements on the Citrix environment if it’s available or not “CV Element Exist” activity will help us. Basically it searches specified UI elements on the screen using computer vision activity and provides the result in Boolean value i.e. True or False.

CV Get Text:

When we need to scrap any text from the Citrix environment we can use this activity. For that, we need to provide the scope nothing but the area of the screen from where we want to grab the text. We can also configure the Method to get text i.e. using an OCR / Select –all / Select- row based on that It will extract the text using the anchor in the background.

CV Highlight:

With the help of this activity, we can highlight the UI element on the specified screen. We can also set the Highlight color which we want to use for highlight along with the highlight time we can set using Highlight time property.

CV Hover:

With the help of this activity, we can hover the element which is specified on a scope. We can also get this text in the Output region by setting the property.

CV Refresh:

With the help of this activity, we can refresh the page/application in the Citrix environment. We can check / Uncheck Move Mouse Property by default it’s checked. It indicates whether the mouse cursor is moved from the target application or not.

CV Screen Scope:

Basically it is a container in which it enables computer vision window or element. It also acts as a refresh mechanism. We can also provide the API Key & URL. By providing the scope it will generate the Selector which will be helpful to follow the activities mentioned in the right place. Please note all the activities related to computer vision must be in CV Screen Scope activity.

CV Type into:

When we need to type any text/data into specified UI Element in a Citrix environment we can use this activity. Please note if you are providing the static value text must be quoted. By checking the Empty field option from properties it will first remove the text if it’s already available and then type the value to avoid repeat text.

Hope this article will help you onboard AI Computer vision. Feel free to comment below if you need additional information. Happy Automating!!

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