How to setup UiPath Robot in Orchestrator

To begin setup UiRobot first we need to add the following things in Orchestrator.

  1. Environment
  2. Machine
  3. Robot

Add Environment in UiPath Orchestrator:

To add an environment login to Orchestrator using the provided URL & Credentials. Please note if you are using UiPath Community edition URL will be Once you login to the orchestrator click on service

UiPath Coding Standards – Best Practice to follow

To create any workflow/piece of automation we need to have it very clear so another developer can grab it quickly. Well, there are such coding standards we need to follow to create a healthy/good workflow. The reason behind this is supposed the developer who was working on the project left the company in the middle and if other developers join in it will be hard to understand the code if it’s not clear. To avoid such issues we can follow the coding standards as mentioned.

Latest Activities launched in UiPath Studio 2019.11.2 Version

As we know UiPath has vison to update their environment on a monthly basis. UiPath just launched its new version of 2019.11.0 in beta. While updating the IDE they have updated some activities and launched some new activities onboard. Now we will have a brief look at those activities here.

Terminal Activities in UiPath

In this article, you are able to learn what the terminal activities are and how to get started. To get started with this we need to install UiPath.Terminal.Activities Nuget Package. After installing the package you may see the activities in Activity Panel as shown below.

How to handle errors in UiPath

While creating a workflow it’s a best practice to handle the errors. We will learn how to handle those in UiPath.

There are two types of errors may occur

  1. Runtime Error
  2. Compile Error

What is Asset and how to use Asset in workflow?

Basically Asset is a nothing but set the global or default value in Uipath Orchestrator from where the bot can pick those values at runtime. We can set four types of values under the asset.

  1. Text
  2. Bool
  3. Integer
  4. Credential

How to use Database Activities in UiPath

Well use database activities in UiPath Studio is very simple. We get the following activities available in UiPath Studio after installing UiPath.Database.Activities Nuget package.